Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a space that doesn’t dictate meanings but can be experienced openly by the viewer.

“The human body is equipped with physical senses through which one can experience many of the effects associated with mass. One can visually observe an object to determine its size, lift it to feel its weight, and push it to feel the force of its inertial resistance to changing motion. These human experiences are all part of our modern understanding of mass, but none completely epitomizes the abstract concept of mass. The abstract concept did not come from a specific type of human experience. Rather, it came from a synthesis of many different types of human experience.”

Previously (August 09) installed in the Magic Pony window space is locale Toronto artist Melissa Fisher. Her piece explores the notions of mass and how people perceive it. Using minimalist techniques Fisher hopes to create a space that doesn’t dictate meanings but can experienced openly by the viewer. As you circle the piece the apparent mass begins to change, from three distinct vantage points the installation changes from a white void, to grid and then to single parallel lines almost existing in two dimension.

“All in all, “White Mass Perspective Test” is a test, an experiment. What the viewer finds within it to see is not necessarily inherent of the piece but mostly themselves.” –Melissa Fisher

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