Monday, November 16, 2009

Rage and The Olympics

I'm fucking angry today. In my semiotics class there was a group that decided to present on the Olympics. Which is cool, except for the fact that their presentation had very little to do with postmodernism and poststructuralism, the central themes of the course. What especially pissed me off was the ignorance of the group with regards to the uses of aboriginal motifs in the emblems for the Vancouver Olympics. In passing one of the presenters mentioned that he didn't know what the symbol was at first and then found out that it was an Inuit inukshuk.

What pisses me off is that people just aren't aware of the politics surrounding the Vancouver Olympics. Especially with regards to the ballsy Canadians who decided that co-opting aboriginal symbols after years of oppressing native peoples was a great idea. Not to mention all the missing women, notably native women from Vancouver's downtown eastside. Not ever a mention of the effect of the Olympics on Vancouver and the attempts to clean up the city for the sake of international pride.

Fuck these people who can't actively encorporate postmodernism into their presentation or at least account for the social and political implications of the whole international spectacle.

Fuck ignorant people, Fuck the Olympics, Fuck Capitalism.

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