Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm so excited!

I can't believe Kathleen Hanna is performing again!

In December 2010, Kathleen Hanna and former Bikini Kill band mate Kathi Wilcox previewed a performance of their new project The Julie Ruin at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn

who is Julie Ruin?

Julie Ruin is the independent record produced by Kathleen Hanna under the name Julie Ruin in 1997, while taking a break from Bikini Kill. It touches upon feminism, crocheting, aerobics and resisting police abuse. It was mostly produced in Kathleen's apartment in Olympia, Washington. Despite this project mostly being known for the album, Kathleen Hanna started collaborating with her friends Sadie Benning and Johanna Fateman in order to create a live version of Julie Ruin.

** update -- A friend just watched this ^ video and said: "was that fat phobic though?"
I sadly said yes. In order to provoke laughter and illustrate her embarrassment Hanna uses a half naked picture of a fat woman's body passed out. Fat phobia is all around us. Using Violent, humiliating, and fragmented imagery of fat female bodies is not fucking cool. Although Hanna is a feminist rebel grrrl trying to revamp her career, it is still necessary to critique and question her privilege and presence as a white, able-bodied, skinny, cis-gendered female.

( thanks Kyle )

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