Monday, November 8, 2010

i have a new roomie. and i really like her music - you should check her band ROUGE out. ---- >>>> <<<<----- their song modern lovers II is my fav.

their bio is too freakin cute:

One day, when a young woman named Jessica was at work, a strange feeling overcame her. Trying to ignore it, the feeling became so strong that she dropped what she was doing, slapped her boss, burst out of the building, and ran down the street with a sense of urgency, and duty. Her legs did not stop moving until the earth trembled with pleasure. Before her stood a house that pulled her in like a familiar yet sinful lover. Before entering she cried out loud to the heavens: "I am about to embark on the most fantastic journey of my life!" Inside, Kelly had no idea that her song had reached Jessica's ears, but when the blonde babe kicked down the door and began singing along like it was her destiny... Kelly felt the tingling sensation of the union between them. Beats, riffs and melodies were catapulted out into the atmosphere, like ancient Chinese fireworks. They found their outfits in the back of a truck, and the dream became reality. They are excited to be recording their second EP with the help of Heather Kirby (Ohbijou), Evan and Geordie Gordon (The Magic), and Tim Brunton (The DUrbervilles). Its anticipated release is the hot and steamy summer of 2010. Stay tuned for more fabulous tales from the loins of ROUGE. note: this story is entirely fictional except the part where they found their outfits in the back of a truck... and the crap about the album is true.

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