Saturday, October 16, 2010

Geoffrey Pugen

September 30 – November 6, 2010
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 30, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

An essay by Eli Horwatt accompanies the exhibition.

In the near future there are no adults, a tree house becomes a door to another dimension, and rocks release intuitive powers. Documentary, historiography and mythology collide and transform in a multi-format, multi-channel installation showing a virtual world of telepathic children and their attempt at reincarnation. A meditation and absurd collage of media, found footage, sci-fi cliché, and performance, Bridge Kids connects a research documentary on J.B. Rhine and the history of ESP/Parapsychology, with a science fiction drama portraying an adolescent’s technological reincarnation.

With theatrical absurdity, Geoffrey Pugen explores the relationship between performance and the artificial, the natural and the virtual, through altering and manipulating media. Working with video, film, and photography in the digital realm, Pugen renders situations that examine our perceptions of how history, documentation, and simulation intersect.

at gallery TPW
56 Ossington Avenue Toronto

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