Monday, September 20, 2010

yesterday was my first day back at school. i was eager, happy and totally elated to have my health back and be taking amazing courses in Lesbian Studies, queer cultures and gender and language! i love learning. But after so many years in University I have forgotten what my life was like before i knew about feminism, Women and gender studies, and sexuality courses. Thanks to the small void that is facebook i was reminded. Well expressing my excitment for lesbian studies on my status today i was greeted with a comment that read "what is lesbian studies?" i responded with "ughmmmmmm..........seriously?" and then i thought maybe i should explain myself so i commented " i'm studying "women and gender studies" at the University of Toronto. Lesbian studies is a course I am taking." I thought that was helpful. but apparently not. my friend then responded with " oh thats right.... sorry may be a stupid question... I am just curious about what exactly it is u would study... remember, I live in the sticks, these things are like a different world to me girl! lol"

and this is why women and gender studies is so important! The key momemts in queer struggles and the emergence of an academic forum for lesbian, gay and trans identities are fundemental for our understanding of equality and our relationships to the heteronormative master narrative we are constantly fed.

One day people from the sticks will understand the value in lesbian studies, queeer cultures and oppressions. One day words such as Dyke, trans, Queer, lesbian, deviants, BDSM, butch, femme, bottoms, tops will enter the public school systems in ways that help break down hate, ignorance, and homophobia. These identities are various and constantly changing - but the histories behind lesbian and trans struggles is an identity politic that needs to be taught in our classrooms. my dream isn't that big. its possible! fuck heterosexist, normative, patriarchal master narratives! fuck gender binaries! Fuck ignorance and hate! Its time for a stronger and further reaching awareness of gay, queer, lesbian, and trans oppressions and histories! seriously, lets make this happen!

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