Sunday, September 19, 2010

the femme-y things i love in Autumn

The Smell of Burning Sage
Billy Holiday's "Lets call the whole thing off"
Patti Smith's Album Wave
blending herbs and making teas
Warm woolly Scarfs
the hunt for the perfect autumn/winter jacket
obsessing over magical things
the perfect cape or cloak
pointy shoes
Rouge Lip color
the colors shifting
the cool wind roaring
nesting in a mountain of blankets
cuddling with my cat Astrid
blowing frosty faux smoke while unlocking my bike
americano coffees and chocolate chip cookies from Gigi's
deep druid-like hoods
peppermint tea on my deck
the Algonquin tea company's "Sacred Blend"
fire places in the forest
claw foot tubs in log homes
knowing my adopted family worries, cares and understands
V. Woolf books nestled beside my bed
waking up to frosty windows and sunny skies
washing the heat of summer away and starting anew

Speaking of all things femme related - Designer Lindesey Thornburg is now my new fashion obsession! This is her boho meets mystic psychedelic video featuring the beloved cloak i wish i could afford.

Lindsey Thornburg - Divine Decree from crystal moselle on Vimeo.

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