Friday, August 13, 2010

Nicky Click: Trans Ally

When performer Nicky Click told me she decided to perform for Camp Trans this year instead of going to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, I wanted to tell the world. Here is a little about how cool Nicky Click is and why she has such radical trans politics.

OP: Tell us who or what Nicky Click is and what she is all about.

Nicky: The Nicky Click has had 300 metamorphoses. I use the sexism and oppressive situations I have had and deal with daily to create a platform to fuel my fire and bubble up the beakers of creativity and get the feelings and word out through performance. Nicky Click is made up of several characters: Nikki Slikk, Petunia Pie, and the newest Miss Cactus Rose. Mr. Owl is my fathers role and he lurks around most of my songs and is my co- producer. I am currently about to release my third album “Metoforically, of course!” in February on Foxie Records/ Crunks Not Dead Records.
It is a mixture of techno house remixes, classic Click heartbreak and story diary entries, mixed with a few cactus rose country songs.

OP: You played at Camp Trans this year. Why did you decide to play there instead of at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival?

Nicky: I am an ally. My friends and lovers are trans folks. I want to openly make a statement that there is still so much sexism and discrimination around femininity, and this is just another aspect of that. I also want to pay homage to all the trans women, gender benders, etc, who have fought for the past fifteen years because of the hate and exclusion from this women’s festival. I want to make a statement that although I respect and am personally validated by women’s only space, we are at a place, I feel, culturally that we need to move to the fourth wave of feminism, where we can allow room for trans women. Which means shifting and confronting our own assumptions around gender, but not digress to a place where the marginalized can’t accept each other.

I’ve never been to Camp Trans before this year. I set up my femme paradise camping zone!

Oooh, artistic! Nicky Click.

I will be all over the Pacific Northwest in August, as well as the Femme Conference and Vancouver Film fest.

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