Thursday, July 22, 2010

back in your head

"You get to a point where you are feeling very comfortable and familiar with your situation and your partner and the day comes when you meet someone who knocks you off your feet. You don’t necessarily want to leave your comfortable, amazing life that you’ve set up. I know in terms of Sara’s situation, I don’t think she was saying, “I want to leave this person that I’ve been with for four years who is everything I’ve ever wanted.” From the very beginning, and this is something that Sara talks about, she admitted to her partner that she is going to, at some point, emotionally connect to someone, and it’s almost going to be a necessity. She’s going to have to get emotionally addicted and obsessive about somebody. But (paraphrasing) “I’m not going to leave you and I’m not going to cheat. But that is the way I am. And there will come a point where our relationship will become a distant thing, but I will come back."

Tegan Quin (about Back In Your Head)

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