Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Queer G20 Callout!

*please forward*

Calling all queers, homos, transfolk, gender benders and blenders, fierce
femmes, leather daddies and mamas, poets, voguers, artists, brazen butches,
freaks, riot grrrls and bois, MCs, porn stars, singers, dancers and ruckus

The G20 is comin’ to town!
This past year our communities have seen the increased corporatization of
Toronto’s Pride festivities, the censorship of community organizations from the
march, increasing barriers facing queer migrants seeking status in Canada, the
rejection of a new sex education curriculum, queer rights being removed from
the Canadian citizenship guide by the conservative government, and the
continued struggle for freedom from fear that we must fight for here and around
the world everyday.

It is time to let the world know that radical queers say no more!

We need your help! We are planning some queer and trans resistance in downtown
Toronto on Tuesday, June 22. We want to create fierce and creative actions that
will move through the streets, actions that are grounded in the real experiences
of queer and trans folks, in as safe a manner as possible. The G20 is bad news
for queer and trans folks here and in the Global South - let's show them what
we think!

We have two open meetings coming up;

-Wed. June 16th @ 6-9 p.m.

-Sun. June 20th @ 4p.m. (which will include a mini-marshalls meeting/training)

Come bring your ideas, creativity and input! Create a street theatre piece, a
dance intervention, or lead a marching band, there’s no idea too big or small!
We also need marshals! Please contact us if you have marshaling experience.

RSVP to queerG20resistance@gmail.c
om for location/info.

Steps are being taken to make this event more accessible. Please email us ahead
of time with any accessibility needs.

Start time: 4:30pm Yonge and Queen, Tuesday June 22nd.

Bring your bedazzled balaclavas and colourful masks if you want, along with
something hot pink (extra armbands will be available), signs, banners,
noisemakers, instruments!

We will be following the Toronto Community Mobilization Networks’ Guidelines on
sexual assault and consent:

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