Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Who: Dykes and Trans People for Palestine (DTPP)

When: Saturday July 3, 2010 at 1:30 pm

Where: Outside the 519 Church Street Community Centre

Who are we?

Dykes & Trans People for Palestine is a group that has come together this year to organize a Palestine Solidarity contingent for this year’s Dyke March. We recognize and speak out against Israeli Apartheid and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. As queers, we recognize that homophobia exists in Israel, Palestine, and across all borders. But queer Palestinians face the additional challenge of living under occupation, subject to Israeli state violence and control. There is no pride in apartheid.

Many members of DTPP have marched with Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and Women in Solidarity with Palestine (formerly the Jewish Women’s Committee to End the Occupation) in Pride Parades and Dyke Marches since the early 1990’s. Our history of Queer Palestine solidarity work is long and strong!

This year we will send a clear message to Pride Toronto, the City of Toronto and Pride’s corporate sponsors that we will not be silent or censored! We will speak loud and proud as we always have in support of the struggle for freedom and justice in Palestine.

Our Plans!

We plan to march as a Palestine solidarity contingent at this year's official Dyke March. We will be using the term "Israeli Apartheid" in our signs, banners, and messaging. Our approach is one of peaceful non-violence and we ask anyone who wishes to march with us to respect this – we do not want confrontations with the police or any others present and we do not anticipate being arrested. We invite anyone who wishes to denounce Israeli Apartheid, to denounce censorship, and to stand in solidarity with queers in Palestine to join us. Our contingent will be gathering outside the 519 at 1:30 pm.

Although we respect those who wish to participate in the "Take Back the Dyke" event, we are a different group. We will not be boycotting the Dyke March. Rather we will be marching in protest, and in denunciation of the forces that have attempted to silence us. We will march in the Dyke March as many of us have done for many years – we will not be banned!

Contact info:

Email: wsp.toronto@gmail.com

Facebook group: Dykes and Trans People for Palestine http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=134850523192854

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