Monday, June 7, 2010

New M.J!

Planning on posing this summer? A little recreational posing? Why not do it with the support of props designed just for this purpose. It might be a relief to have a some help in this department, after years of free-form (and let’s face it, often inaccurate) posing. For your convenience, eleven professional props will be installed in Union Square Park in New York, all summer. If you fill a little posing coming on, hurry over.

Eleven Heavy Things
Miranda July
May 29 - October 3, 2010
Center Lawn, Union Square Park

If you're lucky enough to be in New York City this summer, then you'll have the chance to visit these new sculptures from Miranda July! Eleven Heavy Things lets you get a photo of yourself wearing an intricately painted lace head-dress cloud, stick three parts of your body through a super cool slab, and find a stranger to hug on top of a box that asks you to hug a stranger - and then maybe feel funny inside afterward! Whatever you do, it's a place to let go of your inhibitions -- or to just be a voyeur and watch people interacting with these fun social sculptures.

Eleven Heavy Things is on view in the center lawn at Union Square until October 3rd!

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