Tuesday, June 29, 2010

dear world,
i am feeling so grateful right now. I escaped the city and saw the lake, sat by a fire, reunited with old friends, and realized that the friends i have are the strongest and most loving family i know. I am so inspired and restored to have spent time in the forest with people i truly love.
Over the last four nights i have been watching the moon move, shift and brighten and i actually believe the energy of the moon, the love of my family and the hope i hold in my heart is inspiring a renewed and restored sense of self.

maybe i should have been here to bear witness to the evil powers that are the G20 and the inspiring activims of peace and resistance, but in order to be the radical-queer-feminist activist i needed to retreat, restore and energize myself.

so dear world, lets hug it out and move on!

love always
me xox

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