Saturday, April 10, 2010

ghostly lovesick imagery

Official Music Video

Some would argue that music videos are a dying breed. Having actually grown up on MTV, and the days of back to back music videos I'd like to argue that now more than ever we have a democracy over music television. I mean hello, who hasn't seen the Lady Gaga video with Beyonce? and you never had to sit through some lame ass Pepsi Commercial. (unless you actually watched it on a t.v? and who even owns one of those anymore?) If it weren't for awesome music sites like gorilla versus Bear I would basically never find cute new videos. So here I am saturday morning recovering from the feminist porn awards and counting my lucky stars The Sandwiches made such a weirdly entertaining video. The director, Joey Izzo taps into the songs creeptacular feel and creates a monster-mash of a leather-face mad man in an ambient foggy northern California log cabin. So weird. So amazing. there's something about foggy nights, remote cabins, ouija boards, and cute girls in pj's that make me feel all inspired. This video turns the creepy-weird, into a creepy-awesome-nostalgic sandwich. LOVE!

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