Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have you ever smelled this city at the beginning of spring?

"Dead winter circling still, it smells of eagerness and embarrassment and, most of all, longing. Garbage, buried under snowbanks for months, gradually reappears like old habits-plastic bags, pop cans- the alleyways are cluttered in a mess of bottles and old shoes and thrown-away beds. People look as if they're unravelling. They're on their last nerves. They're suddenly eager for human touch. People will walk up to perfect strangers and tell them anything. After the grey days and the heavy skies of whats passed, an unfamiliar face will smile and make a remark as if there had been a conversation going on all along. The fate of everyone is open again. New lives can be started, or at least spring is the occasion to make it seem possible. No matter how dreary yesterday was, all the complications and problems that bore down then, now seemed carried away by the melting streets. At least the clearing skies and the new breath of air from the lake, both seduce people into thinking that."

Dionne Brand "What We All Long For"

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