Wednesday, February 10, 2010

(Repost) feminist avengers: A few words on the non-profit industrial complex

So like many activist-y types just trying to pay their bills, I work at shitty non-profit. That isn’t to say that the services we provide aren’t important or needed, but that somehow a bunch of neo-liberal capitalist assholes run the place, and as far as I’m concerned, seem hell bent on running that place into the ground. They talk down to the people they ‘help’, top-down manage in the most hierarchal fashion possible, and, just to top it all off, treat the employees below them like shit. I’ve really had it with my bosses complaining and complaining about the non-profit we all work at having no money, which I suppose would be how they would justify a recent action that occurred at work. When it came time for my annual raise, my bosses found it fit to give me a raise of .08 cents. I’m not complaining about this because the money is so damn important. I’m upset about this because the person who decided my work, which I’ve absolutely poured my heart into, was only worth .08 cents of raise, while this same person collects more than 100,000 dollars a year. On many weeks I work just a many hours as she does, but I still have to collect food stamps and work a second job just to get by. She drives a corvette to work. This is even more upsetting to me considering the radicals who started this program, in part to help people that are of low-income backgrounds, have had their efforts hi-jacked by capitalist assholes who re-create in the workplace the same structure that harms the people we are supposed to help. If we want true liberation we’re going to have to create our own programs and systems of mutual aid, always aligning ourselves with those who have been marginalized by the capitalist patriarchy, not becoming it.

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