Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Fuck me in the light with your eyes wide and your heart fast,

Fuck me against walls, on street corners, in coffee shops, forgetting everything but my breath in your mouth, your taste on my on my tounge,

Fuck me in the moments we forget what words are, right before the kiss, right before the eyes cloes and the mind stops,

Fuck me under curtains behind shaddows while the music plays the waltz and the fingers itch to be pinned down and intangled in the tango,

Fuck me till you forget your name and i have to remind you,

Fuck me with clothes barely off, buttons broken, lipstick smudged,

Fuck me with lips, hips, clits, fingers-tips,

Fuck me till i cum,

so i can fuck you, all over again!

--stacey b

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