Saturday, December 5, 2009

Female Eye Film Festival

The Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF) was established in 2001 as Ontario’s one and only annual international independent women’s film festival. The FeFF presents film from debut, emerging and established, international directors.

The Dec. 6th Program presents films that pertain to issues of violence and a moderated panel discussion.


WEIGHT of MEMORY, directed by Liz Marshall. A contemporary requiem in memory of the 14 women slain Dec. 6th, 1989 at L'Ecole Polytechnique. Performed and choreographed by Toronto’s own Peggy Baker.

SURVIVORS GUIDE TO FREEDOM FROM VIOLENCE, directed by Lindsay Angus. Survivors of intimate partner abuse and industry experts inspire, inform and guide women on their journey towards violence - free lives.

ROOM 710, by AWARD WINNING Canadian director Anne Marie Fleming. A woman's desperate attempt to get some sleep in a hotel room is disrupted repeatedly by her neighbours on the other side of the wall. Based on the director's real life experience.

The highly-acclaimed film SIN BY SILENCE, directed by Olivia Klaus is an emotionally packed documentary that teaches us how domestic violence affects each and every person. CWAA has changed laws for battered women, raised awareness for those on the outside, and educated a system that does not fully comprehend the complexities of domestic abuse. With unprecedented access inside the California Institution for Women. Co-presented and distributed by Women Make Movies in New York, NY. url


MAWAL SABA, directed by Liz Marshall. An Arabic lament - a love poem - a song from a widow to her deceased lover. In a time of brokenness, a widow remembers her deceased lover and offers eternal devotion. Featuring the music of Maryem Tollar.

AWARD WINNING NFB ANIMATED FILM, LE CHAPEAU/ THE HAT directed by Michèle Cournoyer. A young woman works as an exotic dancer in a bar. The customers' hats remind her of a man she knew as a child, who also wore a hat.

LASH, directed by Elka Kerkhofs. A short experimental animated film about religious persecution and the power of love.

SHAME, directed by Chantelle Kadyschuk. An Iraqi woman is raped, and then blackmailed into becoming a suicide bomber. Based on a true story.

CALLING ALL GHOSTS, directed by Julia Ormond. A first person account of two Bosnian women caught in a war where rape was as much an everyday weapon as bullets and bombs. Co-presented and distributed by Women Make Movies in New York, NY.url

PROGRAM DETAILS Film Program One, 12pm – 1:30pm; Panel Discussion, 1:45pm – 3:15pm; Film Program Two, 3:30:pm – 4:30PM.
THE FEMALE EYE DECEMBER 6 PROGRAM at the NFB Mediatheque, Sunday (December 6), noon. $10

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