Wednesday, November 18, 2009

under the magic of the disco ball

I have known the lovely Stacey B ( co-founder of Airheart ) for sometime, but it wasn't until I gave her the keys to my old apartment that i actually got a chance to listen to her recordings, which I'm gonna call space-dusted disco tunes! Her song writing is filled with a trip-hop infused vibrancy of beats, grooves, luscious harmonies and fat dub bass lines. Airheart's Portishead meets Goldfrapp sound, creates a performance with a raw honesty of dance inducing melodies!

NXNE recently reviewed them:"Stacey Be’s jazzy smooth vocals remind me of a combination of Esthero and Reverie Sound Review. However, combined with Mason Bach’s groovy and laid back beats, Airheart are able to bring something a little different to the table. The EP’s title track, “Mr. Lonely”, is the strongest song on the EP, combining playful and flirtatious vocals with an insanely catchy and hooky beat"

You will love it, i promise!

They're playing the Ladyfest launch party You should be there!
Download/listen to their single Mr.Lonely

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